• Hanging out on this site could be life-changing!
  • Could be hazardous to your limitations…
  • Could melt away stuck places that are holding you back…
  • Could possibly increase your personal power…
  • Or could increase the joy you feel on a daily basis!!!

Proceed at your own risk. So we aren’t just talking of physical health here, we are talking about all the factors we need to rock the second half of our lives and become all that we can be.

Here are my 7 essential pathways to total health and joy.

1. Nutrition – what you feed your body. We are what we eat. I won’t tell you what to eat, that’s always your choice, but I’ll feed you some amazing information that you can use as a guide.

2. Movement – whenever you aren’t moving, you are dying. As we get older we sometimes try to “Save” our steps!, “Save” our effort!. What are we saving it for? When we’re dead! You can’t take it with you. Lots of choices of movement will be offered. I plan to make some videos later about movement that you can do in your home that will energize and enliven you.

3. Hormones – All of your hormones should be operating in a healthy balance to achieve a life of joy and productivity. So many women are depressed because of hormone burnout, it is endemic in this crazy, fast-paced culture.

4. Emotional Clearing – A lot of the things that make us miserable are based on old stories and videos we keep on playing to ourselves. It’s time to do some deep work, face them and erase them. These old patterns have stopped us from moving forward for long enough.

5. Belief change – what you feed your mind. Beliefs are not written in stone. Some of the hidden ones we were given, by our parents and teachers so long ago, don’t fit our lives now. Time to let them go and do some new belief creation.

6. Connection to Source, God, Spirit, Nature – whatever lights us up from within and makes us feel like a member of the Earth community. How to find a pathway into that connection that fully serves to expand you.

7. Joy, Inspiration and Gratitude – I’ll have links to amazing older people doing amazing things. We are discovering that many of the limitations old people are believed to have are just not so. If one woman can learn to do the trapeze at 85, or become an artist at 70, then it is possible for many more of us if we desire it and we are willing to do the work.

I’m not saying we all have to be outstanding achievers to be happy. Only your Inner Wisdom knows what it takes to make you happy! And I can teach you how to contact that as a reliable resource whenever you need it – like 24/7.

I’ve been tracking the subject of health and new ways of achieving it for as long as I can remember. I am bringing all I’ve learned and experienced and found value in to these pages. Not because I want you to follow my way. We all have our own unique way to find for ourselves. But I can present you with a smorgasbord of solutions that I know work and you can graze here and decide which items appeal to you.

So this is not a site about illness, it is a site about wellness! About exploring ways to make the second half of your life much more fun that the first half. When I was 50 I thought, I’ve already traveled, got a good education, fallen in love, married, raised a son, had businesses of many kinds; what on Earth is there left for me to do to fill the rest of my years. It was a hard decade for me with many broken dreams and emotional losses and I got very sick. But my sixties has been a blast! I have learned a zillion new things, traveled, shared and grown. I am more joyful now than I have ever been and more peaceful at the same time. Life happens – but it doesn’t take me to the mat anymore.

I know that there are many women who have not had my opportunities, who don’t have my research skills or the tools I have learned, and I want to share. I have moved on now from dealing with health solutions to creating art but I will leave this site up as it is so that women can find out what they need to know.

Welcome to my world
Pam Free