It’s a Whole New World!!

I last posted a year ago when I was coming up on my birthday. Time is moving faster now and a year seems to go by in a wink, but in that year I have accomplished huge growth in many areas. I threw myself into the Awakening process and found out just how perverted and distorted our life here in the Matrix is.

Much of that information was very hard to handle and it felt agonizing to take responsibility for my part in the creation of that world. But waking up to it is our only choice if we want to move out of the Matrix. The Matrix is the small box that Earth is living in under the control of the Shadow Government. Here is an article that gives you an overview of that.

You can find many more great articles on that site, about toxins in the environment and surveillance and the intentions behind bigPharma, the Banksters and bigEnergy corporations. I don’t want to get into putting out that information. I want to present solutions that we can use for our own health in the time we have now, between becoming aware of these depredations, and getting free of them.

For instance; for now we can’t stop the government from dropping toxins, biochemicals and nano-particles on our heads from the skies every day. We have gradually become used to seeing the planes in the sky making passes back and forth over our heads until the sky is white with toxins. But, until enough people wake up and revolt, we have to take care of ourselves by using natural substances that help us rid our bodies of these toxins.

It’s no use feeling totally powerless and shoving our heads back in the sand. You must have seen enough, in the farce of an election that was just passed off as real, to know that we are at a dangerous turn-around point.

The good news is that Mother Earth is done with all this nonsense. She’s not waiting for us to wake up any more! She is ascending, with or without us! I myself have chosen to go with her and I am spending most of my time getting ready in any way I can.

What makes Humans unique in the Universe is our imagination, our range of emotions and our connection to Source. Which is why the controllers try to stamp that out in every way possible, making us dumber with electronics and drugs, and teaching our children to do exactly as they are told – no imagination wanted.

So the first solution I have is to use your imagination to create another world. One in which kindness and love are key and people who can’t hold that vibration will fade away.
This is big.
This is what I have been working on for the last year.
It’s also woo-woo, twilight zone stuff. Trigger the music 😉

I spend time just before sleeping programming myself to go and practice in that world in my dreams. When I walk my dog twice a day I imagine that I’m walking in that world. It’s easy to notice that most people who walk their dogs in nature are usually kind and loving people. I try to stay away from people who are not that.

The stronger your connection gets to the world that many of us are about to step into, the more likely that a parallel timeline will be created. If that happens, more people who don’t have the time to do the work but who have loving, kind hearts will be able to cross over.

If you have read this far and don’t want to have me committed to the loony bin then you must have acknowledged that we humans took a wrong turn some time ago and the results are getting worse every day.
So hang in with me here.
I am trying to wake people up to what’s real while showing them how to create a NEW reality that is better than any one of us can create alone.

I personally think it’s too late to clean up the mess that the greed and hatred have created in this world.
I’m voting for creating a new world and crossing over.
But I will give you some practical solutions for the detoxing of heavy metals next time I write so we don’t all have to get early Alzheimers from aluminum and strontium.

So, from woo-woo to practical tips. This site will be a blend of both and I hope someone finds it useful.

Much love