Sound Healing

I went to a Sound Healing workshop last week and I was really impressed with how powerful it was. Tom Kenyon has an amazing 4 octave voice and he made sounds while playing crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls and drums. It was Cosmic Fun!

He would talk for a bit, he’s really funny, then move into the sound space and we would all be transported into another reality for a while. Then we’d walk beside the pond and hug the trees to make contact with the Earth and the elements, then come back inside and do it all again for three magical days.

Unfortunately he is taking the whole of 2015 off and isn’t clear whether he will do workshops again in the future.

He is a scientist by preference and is slightly embarrassed by the woo-woo side of his work. But he has seen so many miraculous occurrences from doing it that he can’t refuse to go there. He would stand on the left side of the stage and tell us all the scientific proof about what sound does in the body; making new connections in the lightfield within us, and then he would cross over to the right side to do the music, and he could not speak rationally from that side. It was hilarious.

It made me very aware of my own dichotomy. I have a lightworker side that totally believes in the beautiful future of this planet and is doing it’s best to help in that transformation. Then I have a cynical side that pops up if I’m too much in the mainstream culture that says, “Not enough people care, we can’t get this done, and how did we all get so narcissistic, so wrapped up in ourselves.”

Anyway there were 500 people there at the workshop, all committed to helping create a new reality in their own special ways, all spending time and money to make changes in their own lives. It wasn’t just a great trip, like back in the days of the Beatles, it was deep life change occurring.

I was pretty out of it for the whole week since I got back, adjusting to some huge changes in my brain. I looked like I was here; walked the dog, fixed food, got out orders, but at least 35%  of me was processing changes. When I walked on the beach and could just tune into what was happening in my body I could actually feel energy shifting.

So this is probably too woo-woo for a lot of people but it seems that I’m coming out of the closet on woo-woo. It is where I’m headed. I’ve just sent for a crystal singing bowl, the new kind with a handle that has an incredibly pure sound. I have had a Tibetan bowl since the ’70s and I don’t play it often enough – busy making a living instead of a life 😉

In the final sound session we had we were told to find within ourselves the quality that we are ready to move into, perhaps a quality we have felt lacking in or one that interests us to explore. Mine was Powerful Compassion.

As an fast moving Aries I sometimes got (notice that past tense) irritated with other people’s speed of growth. Now I call on Powerful Compassion and I really get it that we are all exactly where we need to be at every moment. And I’m also willing to move on at my own speed, probably alone much of the time, not trying to drag anyone along with me.

So what would that quality be for you? A quality you see in others perhaps and wish you had it. Or one that you see as the next step in your growth. Let me know in the comments below and we can all root for you.

Huge blessings