pH Balance

PH literally stands for potential of hydrogen. Water is neutral with a pH of 7.0. Anything below 7.0 is acidic, and anything above 7.0 is alkaline. Different areas of the body have different optimum ranges; skin 5.5, blood 7.35 – 7.45, urine around 7.0, etc according to their function.

PH is one of the key players in our health and is affected by what we eat. We are as healthy as the foods we put in our body every day. Many of us eat for entertainment and addiction in this culture now. Our health has been diverted into the wrong paths for the profit of the food conglomerates. I often wonder if the chemists who work in the food labs adding chemicals to increase the addictive powers of the non-foods they are creating, have grandchildren!

Acid-forming foods – dairy, meat, processed foods, sugars and grains, give off protein and phosphorus as they are digested.

Alkaline foods, veggies and fruits, give off minerals – calcium, magnesium and potassium as they are digested and will oxygenate the blood and give you energy. When your blood has plenty of oxygen you feel invigorated. When it does not it becomes sticky and slow moving and you reach for sugar to give you energy.

A pH that is too acidic might initially cause fatigue, depression, bacterial infections, skin problems such as acne and eczema, generalized aches and pains, and more severe menstrual cramping. Over time constant acidity will lead to auto-immune and chronic diseases.

So if you have fatigue you can add to your energy level in a noticeable way by adding raw greens to your diet. I use green juice for that because I can get the benefit of a lot more greens that way than by trying to chew through two bunches of greens at one sitting. I have a video on making your own green juice here.

I highly recommend “The Acid Alkaline Balance Diet” by Felicia Drury Kliment. It’s very well-written and clear. She proposes that the root problems of many of the chronic diseases we face as we age lie in acidic waste. We eat foods that turn to acid in our system in such large quantities that our body can’t dispose of it all. Osteoporosis is definitely affected by the acid wastes in our body because at night our system will rob our bones of calcium to buffer the acid on it’s way out of our bodies or it would just burn through our waste systems.

Our body will also try to encapsulate the acid by pulling calcium out of the body and creating bone spurs in places where the acid will no longer affect the blood. These are called calcium deposits but they are really acid waste dumps.

I sell strips here to measure your pH every morning so you can see how your diet is working for your body. I have advised women for years that if they take baking soda in lemon water before bed they will bring their pH up to a normal level and won’t be robbing their bones of calcium as they sleep. I also tell them to add in greens, but now I know that is not enough to avoid acid wastes and chronic or auto-immune diseases.

Unfortunately no-one wants to stop eating their favorite non-foods because of their addictions. I think by seeing with your own eyes on the strips what your food addictions are doing to one of the most important functions of your body; keeping your pH balanced, perhaps we can gradually clean up our diet act somewhat.

You could always eat a non-food like candy, ice-cream, bread, milk and then follow up an hour later with more baking soda, lemon water. But that only addresses the pH issue, not the food sensitivities and gut problems that non-food creates. It would be easier to just acknowledge that you are eating yourself into an painful old age! Once you have got that straight in your mind, then you can ask yourself if eating something bad for you now will be worth it to you. Take a look at all the older people in wheelchairs and ask if that non-food would be worth it.

I went on the auto-immune diet after reading the brain book, then when I made the appointment to see the Functional medicine doctor he said I had to eat all the potential problem foods so the antibodies would be in my system when they tested for sensitivities. On getting this news I bought a pint of Coffee Heath Bar Crunch ice cream and killed four birds with one stone, coffee, dairy, sugar and chocolate. I loved every second of it, even more because I knew that might be the last time I ever have it 😉

If you are suffering from any auto-immune diseases; diabetes, arthritis, hashimotos or any chronic disease, you will definitely want to read more about controlling the pH of your body. 

So this is a very small overview of the topic of pH balance. To get the whole thing you would have to read some of the books or articles online.

Best article I found online right now is here, things change often –

When I do research I read all the books and get the whole story but I don’t retain all the details, just the big picture. So no point in asking me where I read some of the stuff I’ve learned, it was a bit here and a bit there. I’m not a scientist and never wanted to be, I’m just giving you enough information to inspire you to get started on researching for yourself.