I said on the home page that I wasn’t going to tell you what to eat but that was before I read the book, “Why Isn’t my Brain Working?” I really feel I need to share that information now because it is so vital to a healthy old age.
So how about if I just tell you what NOT to eat 😉

I used to be a nutrition consultant but I couldn’t get my heart into it because I could see how hard it was for people to stick to a meal plan. Bad eating is part of this culture!! And overeating is too! They don’t call it the SAD diet for nothing. And the really SAD part about it is that the people who are carrying a hundred or so extra pounds around with them are really undernourished! Their bodies are crying out for real food.

When I came here from England I was 18 yrs old and it was the New Age. After I married I grew my own veggies and fruits and kept bees and chickens and pretended I was a backyard farmer so I probably ate better than most people. But I was always a sugar burner so I often ate huge amounts of sugar when I was working on a project for long hours. After I got sick in my fifties I tried vegetarianism, veganism and finally fruitarian, which I totally loved because it fed my sugar addiction.

Since then I have tried the GAPS diet, the Candida diet and various other diets and never been able to sustain them longterm even if they made me feel better, because of my underlying addiction to breads and sugars. When I realized I was diabetic I tried to switch to a fat-burning metabolism but I had a really hard time with it. I had cravings, boredom, didn’t want to eat at all, got really skinny. I didn’t realize until I looked back what a rocky road I’ve had with food.

There is a lot of new research showing that being a sugar-burner, which means you get most of your energy from sugar, including grains and potatoes which turn to sugar in your body, will create premature aging and various chronic diseases.

My weekly Farmers Market supply.
My weekly Farmers Market supply.

So now I am embarking on the AutoImmune diet and I have to say that the threat of losing my brain after I watched my mum lose hers, is making a huge difference. As the days go by the choices get easier, the healthy choices just take a little more advance planning. The funny thing is that when you stop eating a lot of fruit and sugar most veggies actually taste sweet.

I have always paid attention to my pH balance, here is an article on that because it is a key factor in health.

So the basic message I have here is that it’s never too late to change the way you eat, and you can only have a healthy old age if you pay attention to what goes in your mouth. If we all just realized how much addiction is influencing our choices every time we eat I think that would be a wake-up call.

All of us have an image of an ugly old age, someone we knew or loved and watched suffer as they aged, and if you don’t want to go there then good nutrition is key.

And don’t tell me about the centenarians who eat a dozen eggs a day, smoke cigars and drink whiskey and can still walk and talk. IMHO they didn’t come from this planet 😉

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