It’s a Scientific Fact!

That’s what my dad used to say when he wanted to convince us of anything 😉 It’s a scientific fact!

This might be news to you but the Age of Scientific Fact is over!

Science has been bought and paid for!

News is coming out all the time about scientists faking their research or paying doctors for fake endorsements. It has been happening for years.

It is always amazing to me how many people will still take whatever their doctor recommends without even looking it up on the internet! Pharmaceutical drugs kill people all the time and the FDA is totally complicit in that.

We have to wake up to the fact the systems in our government that were designed to protect us are totally corrupt and do our own research. But don’t research with the foundations, like the Osteoporosis foundation or Cancer Foundation. They are all funded primarily by drug companies.

For years I did not say much about all this because people seemed not to want to hear it but now I feel that we all have to step up and speak our truth for those who can’t do the research for themselves. Of course many people prefer to play ostrich and keep their heads in the sand but if we can save one friend from making a poor decision that might kill her it would be worth it.

A younger woman called me about a weight vest several times saying she wanted to buy one but was waiting to hear back from her neck surgeon. He wanted to do surgery on her neck and she didn’t want it so she asked him to give his opinion on the vest. Of course he didn’t call her back no matter how many times she called. Why would he, it’s out of his area of expertise. Rather than risk 20 bucks on shipping and actually trying the vest out on her own body she is waiting endlessly for permission. That’s sad.

Women call me a lot about Prolia. That’s a drug injected every 6 months to kill osteoclasts in your bones.

Here is the story: Big Pharma decided that Osteoporosis would be a good money maker. They brought out the bisphosphonate drugs to sell to women after giving doctors access to the Dexa scan machines very inexpensively. Then they invented Osteopenia so they could catch younger women as well. The scan machines said women needed their drugs. BUT the drugs were only tested for 5 years, in fact not recommended even by the corrupt FDA for longer than that. Now there is a solid amount of information that the original research was also corrupted and altered and distorted.

But the drug companies made a fortune selling the bisphosphonates to millions of women. What that did was fill their bones with old cells that the body would normally have recycled. On the dexa scans the bone looked denser BUT it was full of dead osteoclasts, not flexible and strong. Now women are walking down the street and their femur spontaneously fractures and takes a long time to heal. Then there is ‘fossy jaw’ where your jawbone collapses, dentists have had to ask women if they are taking fosomax before doing any dental work.

So the patents for the bisphosphonates finally expired and now the drug companies had to think of something else to make more millions. They brought out Prolia. That does the same thing as the bisphosphonates but it is injected once every six months. You are injecting a poison into your body that continues poisoning you for six months. Who in their right mind would do that? Women who believe that their doctor knows best!

Your doctor has probably been deceived by Big Pharma and he believes that what he is giving you will help you BUT read this articleHow doctors have been deceived by drug companies.
Before you assume the science in medical journals is credible, just take a look at what is going on behind the scenes of editing and publishing in medical science.

I stopped believing in all the ‘studies say…..’ years ago. You can find a scientific study to take your point of view on any topic or any solution. The China Study is an example. People love to quote that as if it was gospel. It has been debunked so many times that I am not going to go into it here, just search ‘debunk China Study’.

Sufficient to ask yourself, how many times have I lied about my food consumption? Any epidemiological study, a study based on what people say they eat is not worth the paper in my opinion. Here is one good article

The explosion of drugs given to children was promoted mainly by one doctor who did not divulge that he was being paid millions in consulting fees by the drug companies. See this article – Researchers take drug money and then lie about it.

This is not just ho-hum, oh! Well! everybody lies. This is affecting the total life trajectory of your children and grandchildren.

Same with vaccinations. Read – cancer linked to polio vaccine.

For convenience I am mostly linking to Dr Mercola’s site because he was the pioneer in exposing all the fraudulent practices of the drug companies and doctors who are paid by them and he does solid research, but you can find other references online. Just don’t go to the AMA run sites if you want alternative health information.

The latest findings (May 2014) that bring almost all animal studies results into question is that male researchers skew the results by stressing the animals as much as 15 minutes in ice cold water. Put ‘Male Scientists’ Threat to Integrity of Research’ in the search engine on to find it.

So enough doom and gloom, you can tell this topic gets me righteously mad but enough women who get mad will make a difference; look at MADD, mothers against drunk driving.

There is a new world coming and we all have to stand up and speak our truth. Get some grassroots health revolutions going, and move into a better future for our families and loved ones.

I know I’m preaching to the choir here because you would have pushed the ejection seat if you weren’t at least open-minded about this, but the choir is good, they can sing out the new story.