How Healthy Are You?

Here are some key indicators of good health. See where you are doing well and where you could use a little attention.

Do you breathe into your lower chest using your diaphragm with full inhalations and exhalations, or do you shallow breathe into your upper chest? Even when thinking, it is possible to breathe deeply but it takes practice.

Is your urine clear or yellow? Unless you have just taken a vitamin pill it should be clear. Yellow is a sign that you are dehydrated.

Do you have 2 big poops a day easily and quickly? Not those little hard pellets

Are you moving for at least 5 minutes every hour? More is better, 10,000 steps a day is supposed to be enough to keep you healthy.

Can you get down to the floor and get up again easily? Think of 6 different ways to get down to the floor and get up again and do it regularly. Then think of more ways.

Are you easily irritated by others or by external events outside of your control? This is a sign of depleted adrenals or thyroid.

Do you have conversations with other people in your head a lot, including other parts of yourself? This is obsessive thinking and doesn’t resolve anything. It’s a sign of emotional stress.

Do you find yourself making choices from old beliefs that no longer serve you? Time to clean house on old beliefs that belong to your mother or father, not you.

Are you connected to Source or God on a daily basis? Without this connection life can be scary and lonely.

Are you joyful and grateful and kind, at least off and on throughout your day? Things happen almost every day that knock us off course but you can rebound quickly if you know the Universe has your back.

You will find tools on this site to deal with all of the points you found that need a little loving attention so that you can rock your second stage of life and shine like the unique bright light that you are.

Earnestine Shepherd, 77 years old and the oldest female bodybuilder.
Earnestine Shepherd, 77 years old and the oldest female bodybuilder.

Earnestine Shepherd, see image, was a pudgy woman of 54 when she decided to get fit. She started slow and carefully and never quit.
She got into bodybuilding competition and loved it, then she started running and ran marathons for fun.
Now she is a powerhouse, spending her time teaching others and motivating people of all ages to stretch a little, jump out of the box and pay attention to their bodies.
It’s never too late – and we don’t have to go as far as bodybuilding and running marathons, just as far as we want to go 😉