Getting Started

I want this website to work for everyone even if they are not totally comfortable on the internet. 

The first article is ‘Making Friends With Technology’ for those who need it.  When computers first came out I said, “Nope, not for me, I’ll sit this one out.”. Who knew back then they would take over the world? Then I decided to write a book so I had to learn how to work the computer. It was very difficult at first but after a short time I embraced technology like a new love and, while we do have tiffs now and then, we have been in love ever since.

Each one of the Essential Pathways to total health and joy will be a different section.

Each pathway will have a few key article pages and then will be added to by new blog entries as stuff comes up for me or for women who write in to ask questions. I’m just going to get the first few essential pages written and then let everything evolve as the Universe guides me. If I wait until it’s all done or perfect it will have to be launched posthumously ;-).

So here are the 7 pathways:

Nutrition – what goes in your mouth.

Movement– from breath, to moving throughout your day, to all kinds of dance, and also tips on body alignment.

Hormones– basic information on thyroid, adrenals, pancreas and bio-identical hormones with some links for you to search out more information.

Emotional clearing – some old and new tools to release old stories that make us unhappy.

Beliefs – clues on how to find out beliefs that are hidden in your past but are still running your life, eg. I’m not good enough, life is a struggle, etc……

Connection – to Source, God, Spirit, Nature, whatever lights us up from within and makes us feel like a member of the Earth community. How to find a pathway into that connection that fully serves you to expand your worldview. If you have strict religious beliefs you may choose not to use this part of the site but much of the other information will still serve you.

Joy, Inspiration and Gratitude– this section could grow enormously, send in your recommendations.

I love to research and to solve problems and will help by writing blog posts on anything that applies to many women. I will not be able to respond to personal emails and personal problems because of time constraints but please write to tell me your stories and your concerns so that I know what areas I need to write on next.

BTW I write as I would talk, without too much editing or rewriting, so I’ll probably repeat myself on certain topics and change my mind about some things as life goes on. I’m not trying for perfection here, just want to get some information and tools out to people who need them 😉

Oh, and I sometimes swear when I get sufficiently annoyed about something. I don’t consider that a cardinal sin, sometimes it’s just necessary. Please don’t let it annoy you. I don’t speak in sound-bites or Twitter talk either. People pore over their websites trying to trim them down for the short attention span people have nowadays but most good information requires reading.

I won’t be dealing with many health issues, like cancer, because that is out of my area of expertise but I will show you in the ‘Making Friends with Technology” article how to do the research for yourself on the web. You won’t find any topic in the world that people agree on 100% but I will teach you how to check in with your own Inner Wisdom to see if something is for you or not.

I do have a bias towards alternative healthcare, obviously our present system is not working. So if your personal choice is to follow the AMA advice as gospel this probably is not the site for you. Many people turn to alternatives when the doctors say there is no solution left in their drug and surgery worldview. Often that is too late. It might be beneficial to get acquainted with alternative healing and practice on small things before any life-threatening event happens.

This site is a labor of love but there will be some products on the product list that I have sold for many years on other sites. I do still have to earn a living since I have had the income reversals that being very sick for some years will bring, as many of you know for yourselves, but my purpose for this site is not to achieve the “Six Figure Income!!!” so beloved by business marketers on the net 😉

I will be transparent about any financial connections to anything I recommend. If I find a product that I think is wonderful and it has an affiliate program I will tell you that. Money made that way does not cost you anything and will help to support the running of the site.

I won’t be dealing with attracting love relationships in your life 😉 The emotional clearing section will enable you to love yourself as you deserve, and the connection to Spirit section will enable you to feel the total love that Source and the Universe have for you in every nanosecond no matter what you have done or left undone.

So the two major questions that many women have no matter how old they are; how do I get more money and how do I find a soul-mate, will not be addressed directly.
Perhaps it is time to get totally healthy in body, mind and Spirit and then open your heart to whatever shows up!

Miracles happen in my life every day 😉 I wish that for every woman.

That reminds me, I have a totally woo-woo side. I believe that we are all energy beings and it is by changing our energy we can implement long-lasting changes in our lives. That’s why new fad diets don’t work for long, we haven’t changed the energy behind our eating.

I am also an intuitive and an empath, which is obviously a big part of the reason why I am doing this work. I can feel people’s pain and I’d personally rather everyone was happy 😉

I believe that all of us are intuitive so I have tools for you to contact that part of yourself, your Inner Wisdom it’s often called. Some of these tools seem very woo-woo to people who aren’t used to them; tarot, tapping, Sanctuary, even meditation, although that is more mainstream now.

You can give anything that zings with you a try.

Then maybe your life will be full of miracles as well.

Many Blessings,