Emotional Clearing

How many times do you tell old stories, past history, either to yourself in your head or to everyone you meet?

This is usually a sign that you have not released the past and it may be preventing you from moving into a new future. Psychotherapy has been attempting to help people with this for many decades now but the results have not been stellar. I read one study that said there is no conclusive evidence that it helped any more than talking to a friend.

My first teacher, Brugh Joy, used to say, “Tell your story once, maybe twice, and then let it go and move on. Stop dragging it behind you.” If you get stuck in your story you may start introducing yourself as a ‘survivor’ and never let people see the wonder of who you are right now in this moment.

I notice that if something is upsetting me and I tell someone new about it that it just reignites the bad feelings all over again, grinding the groove deeper.

So I have explored a zillion ways to release the past, because truly it is easier said than done. I have found and also created some tools that work and most involve some form of movement. Sitting and talking about our pain doesn’t seem to be enough to clear it.

As I write this I’m feeling presumptuous because I have no degrees, no credentials; but I do have a fifty year search for well-being. I have read every new book, gone to hundreds of workshops, become certified in a dozen modalities of healing. So I probably know more than someone who went to a credentialed institution and then stuck with one thing through their entire career whether they were seeing amazing results or not.

There was a time when I earnestly entreated Source for the gift to just touch people in passing and take their pain away. I would be anonymous, just a touch on the shoulder or the hand and they could start over. Then I finally acknowledged being born a strong empath and I laughed at myself to realize that other people’s pain affected me greatly so I was not being pure and noble in wanting it to be gone 😉

And, I would be interfering with their own free choice! We all choose in every moment whether to fall back in the black hole of an event from our past or to choose a brighter future.

One of the tools that really worked for me, both personally and with clients, is Tapping, also called EFT. When it first came out 25 years ago I was impatient with the format and all the words so I discarded it. Then I found a new way of tapping that was faster and more effective and I improved even on that. So now I do a really short version of tapping that you can use anywhere and resolve most difficulties in less than half an hour.

I will make a new video of this process as soon as I get the basic site up but meantime, here is one I made for my other site to get you started. It’s a bit choppy at the end because youtube is so strict about their 10 minute limit. I had to cut chunks out.

 Tapping for Stress

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