Eating ALL the Allergens

Well, since the last post I saw Dr Flannery and he ordered all the tests he needs to make a diagnosis. Unfortunately I had to backtrack and spend last week eating all the allergens on the test list every day so that my body would manufacture the antibodies to show up on the test.

So, being addicted to my allergens, as most people are, I couldn’t just eat the one teaspoon a day required, I had to eat more. Why? Because they were in the house!! So I reaffirmed my addictions and got to see clearly what they were doing to me.

By the end of the week I was pretty much a basketcase! In the mornings I couldn’t see clearly to read my email. Having conversations I forgot some words and couldn’t quite reach others. I had brain fog and negative thinking. I had huge ups and downs with my bloodsugar numbers and I didn’t have any motivation or energy. I even got a headache and I haven’t had those for years.

It was like a zombie took over my body. When I looked in the mirror my face reminded me of people in hospitals. It made me realize how bad hospital is for people. They give you all the crappy food that people shouldn’t eat even when they are well and turn them all into invalids.

So the turnaround day was Saturday. I’m on the really strict version of the diet, no allergens at all and I am already recovering. I’ve often thought that is why most diets work, not from what you are eating but from what you are leaving out.

I think the experience was really good for me because the results were so intense. When we eat allergens all the time without a break we can compensate and not notice what they are doing to us. So now I am perfectly clear what dairy, grains, caffeine, chocolate, nightshades, and nuts do to me.

When my leaky gut heals then I can start to reintroduce the possible allergens one at a time and see if my body can handle them but many people have decided to stay on this strict diet for ever because the results are so spectacular.

And I got a new book just in time to guide me through this. It just came out and it is a masterpiece of facts and science on the Autoimmune diet. It’s as big as a phone book and tells you much more than you ever wanted to know about the entire topic. It’s ‘The Paleo Approach, Reverse Autoimmune Disease and Heal Your Body’ by Sarah Ballantyne.

So I’ve got my book, I’m cooking up a storm, staying prepared so I don’t stray. I’ll see the doc when my first tests come back but the allergy test won’t be done for another two weeks.

I know nobody really cares about me per se, you don’t even know me. I’m doing this blog in case someone finds themself in the same position of needing to make a huge lifestyle change. I find blogs very helpful in times of change. So huge blessings to anyone who reads this and I will keep reporting back.