Connection to Source

We all have different ways of connecting to Source or God. Most people are totally happy with organized religions. In England, where I was brought up, we had assembly in school every morning with prayers and hymns to start the day off on the right foot. I loved the hymns but I had always talked to Source directly since I was a child so I thought the prayers were oddly worded.

Now I start my day with meditating but it is a very active form of meditation that works for me. Trying to quiet my mind is a hopeless task, so I may as well connect it with my heart and use it for good. So I verbalize as I allow myself to become a channel between Heaven and Earth. I open to energy from Source entering the top of my head and flowing through me like a waterfall, opening all my chakras (energy points) on the way through my body and exiting down into the Earth. I finish with gratitude for the Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Spirit.

I vary my meditation every day according to what’s up for me in the moment, whatever I’m working on – forgiveness, acceptance of a situation I can’t change, etc.

Another way I have to contact Source is to be alone in nature. Walking the dog on the beach is one of the highlights of my day, no matter what the weather is. I love the ocean!

Once, long ago, in Bali, when I was traveling alone, something very upsetting happened to me and I felt very far from home and alone. I found my way to the ocean at sunset and there was the sound of the call to prayer from the Moslem temple mixing with the sound of the waves on the sand, and I found peace. I imagined all the people who loved me on the edges of their oceans all over the world and saw how connected we were even though we were miles apart.

Sometimes I connect to Source when I am being creative, when I create from my heart. I am in the flow or channeling Spirit in some way. I first did this when I was a potter working with clay. I would sit down at the wheel and throw pots and then suddenly realize it was getting dark, the day was coming to a close and I was very hungry. I would look at what I had made and wonder at it.

I think we are all creators, we create our own lives in every moment, and I feel so blessed to have found so many ways to channel Source.

For me most of the ways to God work best when I am alone. Company is lovely and I enjoy it a lot, but talking usually fills the space that is normally filled with Spirit flowing in.

In this culture couple-hood seems to be the most desired state and I gave it a good try when I was younger but I have realized I am a solitary introvert at heart and now I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

In times of trouble I often get caught up in the drama of life and forget my direct connection to Source, to peace and contentment. As soon as I recall it I know that everything will work out for the best just as my mother always said 😉 The Universe has my back! Then I can surrender while still doing what the situation requires in the way of necessary action.

So whatever is your way of connecting to Source or God, if you honor it, cultivate it and give it some of your time regularly, it will benefit your health in amazing ways – that clearly cannot be double-blind tested – but are totally valid anyway 😉

Namaste – the God in me salutes the God in you.