Coming up on my birthday!

It’s been a long time since I wrote an entry here. I just checked and it was almost exactly a year ago! I get emails from women telling me they find the site helpful and I’m glad of that.

It seems I’m always enthusiastic about something new that doesn’t have a direct connection with health. So since I last wrote I have slowed down on the involvement in art. Partly because no-one likes it but me and my walls are full 😉 I will get back to it in the Summer when the outside studio is more appealing.

Then I remodeled my kitchen at the end of last year and did a lot of the work myself. That was an adventure. It’s been a long time since I did that kind of heavy, but detailed work. It was a huge success and I appreciate it every day but I’m all remodeled out for a while.

So in January I decided to study Astrology. I’ve always had an interest and have studied it before long ago but I found a different kind – Evolutionary Astrology by Steven Forrest – that makes huge sense to me. It was almost like learning a new language – so very good for my brain – and I am totally engrossed in it.

Steven’s theory is that the Natal chart actually tells everything about the person, including why they incarnated this time and what soul wound they came in to heal. Apparently we often finish our lives with regrets or things we left undone so we come back in specifically to work on that issue.

What I found as I started studying is that I learned to understand myself better. I could see my own patterns more clearly and I could understand why others were the way they were also. It makes me hugely more compassionate to myself and others.

As an Aries I have always believed that what I do is nothing special, anyone could do it if they would try. Now I see that is not really true. We all have our own special skills and talents and are not interchangeable in any way. I couldn’t do a triathalon under any incentive, nor could I take care of a sick elder very well, as I found out when my mother aged. I just don’t have that kind of patience. I need to be moving around, doing and learning exciting new things.

Now I am doing natal charts for my family and understanding them a lot better as well. It’s taken the worry I had for my grandchildren down a bunch of notches. The problem in first world cultures is that we are all pushed into being the dominator model; work hard, compete, achieve, get in the right schools, get the right job, work our butts off doing something we don’t like or agree with – and then we might get some success.

That is so nuts and hopefully it is changing. The kids coming in now have a different plan. Which is good because they have a lot of cleaning up to do from the dominator model, if indeed the world survives it.

So it doesn’t take much intuition to know that the world is in a tough place right now and if it doesn’t turn around soon humans could be one of the species headed for extinction – and deserving it. But if all of us help move it forward in whatever ways work for us then we are doing all we can do. I think this astrology is helping me feel good about that.

So blessings on wherever life is taking you, whatever curiosity you are following your nose towards. That is the best part of growing older, more time for your own curiosity and growth,