Belief and Reality Change

I firmly believe that we each create our own world according to our beliefs.
That’s why we each have our own version of every event.

But we all have powerful beliefs and programs running us that were installed before we were born; in utero, or from birth to 7 years old, which are NOT useful to us now in our changed world. ‘I can’t’ is a very powerful one and it is different for everyone. What can’t you do that others can do easily?

We often notice these beliefs when we do something automatically and think ‘why did I do that?’

Or we can notice when others do things we don’t think are ok. They are violating one of our core programs. These core programs are in the unconscious mind, which runs 95% of our brain.

Our Conscious brain/mind is only running 5% of our lives because it can only process a limited number of bits of information a second. Try remembering a 20 unit number without using a memory tool.

Our Unconscious is running zillions (the number keeps changing with new research, but it’s a lot) of bits of information a second. It’s our hard-drive! It regulates our pH, our oxygen, all our hormonal system and all our other systems, our reactions to events, our emotions, etc. etc. Some say our whole reality.

Our Superconscious is our connection to Source; our intuition, our higher self – the part of us that has the whole picture of all of our lifetimes at once. This is the part I like best and want to hang out with it more, but being in the world with all it’s distractions, I get triggered out of connection with it.

So, I have known for 50 years that we are all run by the unconscious programs our parents, peers and others installed without realizing it. I have been searching for a way to access these programs and change them all my life. I’ve tried everything!

And nothing really worked or was easy. I’m too impatient to sit and meditate all day and not really attracted to people who do.

Here is the Solution

Imagine that your unconscious is like a computer. You can install any program you want on the computer and try it out. Your computer doesn’t say, ‘No, I don’t like photoshop, it’s too hard.’ It just installs it and lets you decide.

Humans are actually much more than computers because we have hearts and souls, but this is an analogy.

Now if you install a program that is opposite to one you already have, e.g. ‘I am worthy of all good.’ and you already have an old program, ‘I am worthless.’ Then, like the computer, it doesn’t judge either program. It just uses the ones that your daily thoughts and feelings bring up. So every time you have a thought of being worthless, then you could notice it and say, ‘that’s not true, I am worthy of all good.’ You could even reinstall the program to reinforce that.

Gradually when it needs more room on the hard-drive it will trash the old, unused program and it can no longer be triggered by fear events in your life.

Choosing a New Program.

You can choose a program from something that pops up in your life. Like being impatient and not enjoying that state. You would create the new program – short and sweet; our unconscious thinks like a child, no negative wording, and present tense.

So ‘I am patient.’ Or at the most two things, ‘I am patient and kind.’

Or you can create a whole long list for every area of your life with really positive beliefs. I stopped at about 6 full pages and I’m not done installing them all.

A good first belief to install would be would be, ‘All my new beliefs benefit me and the world.’

Then I advise you to do, ‘I love myself completely.’ Because that changes everything!

And it wouldn’t hurt to do, ‘I can install new beliefs easily and quickly.’

I was totally enthusiastic at first and did 5 in a row and it did work but it’s probably better if you gave yourself more time and more chance to focus on one at a time. Now I usually do about 5 in the course of a day as they come up.

One of my success stories is that I installed ‘All the improvements to my home that I desire will be done in the next year.’ I hadn’t been consciously thinking about a remodel at all. I live in a mobile home because I want a small footprint but, since I added a dog and a cat, it has gotten a bit shabby.

But when I realized that was on my list I went ahead and started remodeling my house – by myself! I got a little help with heavy stuff like replacing rotten flooring but mostly it was my work. And my son donated the money for supplies against his inheritance when I leave him the house – perfect! The house looks so much better already. I still have all the interior doors to replace and I’m looking forward to learning how to do that. It truly feels like a new house.

So, as you can see from that story, this is magic and not-magic! We create our world from our thoughts. If my thoughts are ‘I shouldn’t take anything more for myself because so many people are starving’ then I wouldn’t have bothered remodeling. If my thoughts change to ‘I deserve to live in joy and beauty’ then it’s logical to get going with the paint and the saw.

Installing the New Program.

This is the part I only just recently figured out how to do. Affirmations were supposed to do this but usually didn’t work for me and I discovered why.

Affirmations are usually saying something that your conscious mind does not agree with. If I said I am abundant in every way, my mind was saying, ‘Bulloney, what about the bank account, take a look!’ That argument keeps you in Beta vibration and nothing new gets installed.

So you have to be in Theta, or at least low Alpha state before you can actually get to the level where programs are installed. At first you can do this by playing Theta music from youtube, or doing a deep breathing exercise, sitting out in nature feeling grateful, etc. etc.

Or if you know how to relax already you can take a shortcut by using a physical way of bringing your brain into balance. I got this position from Brain yoga. First, set the intention that what you are doing is for the benefit of all. It really is because every time one of us cleans something up in our programming we are benefiting the whole.

Sit with your legs crossed at the ankles.
Then hold your right earlobe with your left hand, thumb underneath, and your left earlobe with your right hand, so your arms are also crossed.

This brings your brain into balance, both right and left hemispheres and cuts out the arguments.

Take a deep breath in and on the outbreath, say ‘Peace’.

Now you are ready to install the new program. And remember that you don’t need to judge it. Keep an open mind. You are just giving it a free trial for 30 days on your hard-drive and you can uninstall it any time you want. You just are curious to see what life would be like with this new program.

You say it slowly and powerfully 3 times, with emotion if possible. If it doesn’t feel sincere then pretend you are an actor on your own stage. Dare to hope for it from your heart.
The voices in your head may come up at first but just listen, don’t argue with them.

What happens for me now is that sometime before I’ve finished the last declaration of intent, I sigh or take a deep breath automatically.

This may happen for you, or you may have another sign. But after the 3 declarations you are done and the program is installed.

Then you bring your fingers together in front of your heart and say SAVE. Remember what happens on the computer when you don’t save your work?

Then I put my hands on my heart and say ‘Thankyou, thankyou!’

My teacher’s 8 year old son loved math and he said ‘Dad, I want to be a master in math!’ So they installed the program, ‘I am a master in math.’ and the kid is already winning state championships! You can teach anyone this, kids love it!

Ongoing work.

The best thing to do after installing a belief is to take a step in the ‘REAL’ world that would confirm it, or you could just be on the watch for the old program to show up so you can say ‘no, no, baby, not you, I want the new belief!’

You really can’t create beliefs that would hurt others because we are all one, but if you try you will probably be the first one under the bus.

You also can’t create new beliefs for anyone else no matter how much you would like to 😉

You can do this as often as you like. Your unconscious is a work-horse, it can take anything on and find the way to create it in your life. It’s been creating all the stuff you haven’t liked all these years, right?

I’ve had a month long pause to practice this work and I’m telling you it works! The first people I taught, my grandkids, just shone it on, didn’t believe in it. But if I lived closer I could have guided them more often. A couple of others, grownups, the same thing, they shone it on. Most people are sleepwalking anyway and they don’t want anyone to disturb their waking dream. So I just gave up on sharing it.

But now I’m getting enough tweaks from my Superconscious that I thought I’d put it out there and see what happens. Worst case scenario is a few more people I never see will think I’m crazy 😉


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But if this conflicts with your existing beliefs you don’t need to attack me. Just click away, go find something you enjoy.