About Me

At one time I called myself a far-out scout because I always seem to be out there in front looking for a better path so that people don’t have to reinvent the wheel. I love to try new things and, of course, most of them don’t work out quite how I imagined, but I rarely regret trying them.

I could see the flaws in the medical system way back and now the craziness and greed of the drug companies and food conglomerates that is robbing us all of our health. I get upset about that and want people to wake up and fight back. Leave that contaminated food on the shelves, choose something better and stay well.

But I’m not really an activist. I think when you fight something you give it more power and more energy. So making better choices and trying to spread the word about them is my way now. The women who read my weight vest site have inspired me to share more of my information and I’m grateful for that. It gives me a focus for the rest of my life and an excuse for learning new things until I die.

When I got very sick in my late fifties, I think the trigger was mold in the old house I moved into. But the ground had been paved by years of obsessive overworking. I always loved my work, whatever I was doing, but I just couldn’t stop like normal people. I had so many ideas in my head all the time that I had to work 24/7 to keep up and I used sugar as fuel. I was burning out my adrenals, then my thyroid and then my pancreas.

Now I see women in their thirties doing the same thing and they aren’t even enjoying it! Women have had more added to their plate in every generation and the 50-70 age group are often taking care of old parents as well as late-blooming kids. You can’t keep that up long-term.

So my life right now is better than I can ever remember it being. It’s not as exciting perhaps, not as much drama, but it’s deeper. There is more time to be out in nature, more time to do my spiritual practice, and more time to play with exercises like trapeze, aerial yoga and dance, and to do art again. I’m loving it! I wish every woman could get off the hamster wheel and make choices for herself that would lead into a grand old age, however that looks for her.