Life Assessment

Last year I did a ritual celebration at Winter Solstice that was wonderful. We all ended with getting an intention from our Higher Self for the New Year. Mine was to get bigger, to get my work out into the world.

This has definitely been a year of huge change; some changes have been difficult and could not have been foreseen. Now I am planning the Solstice Ritual for the end of this year and I woke up at 4 o’clock this morning thinking about how far I have come.
So I decided to do a Life Assessment. Here it is!

I got the website up and going and then lost the impetus to go any further with it right now. I got my book up on Amazon so that is off my mind and it can create it’s own destiny.

I worked intensely on my physical health this year, prompted by a fear of brain loss as I get older. I don’t want my brain to go before I do. Now, after doing 3 intense months on the Auto-immune diet, I have added some things back that I was previously reacting to without experiencing any problems. So I am regaining weight and feeling good about my food. I probably eat better than the majority of the world – all organic, hardly any processed food. Even my dog gets food cooked fresh every day 😉

My new hobby for the winter evenings is to watch TED talks and I am learning some amazing things that I never would have dreamed of. Sometimes I’m glad that I won’t be here to see the world that is coming; ever more disconnected from Nature, from Spirit and from each other. Other times when I hear about people in Africa and India inventing amazing new things to help each other I am totally heartened. But anyway my brain still seems to be in good shape.

Financially, I am coasting, making enough on the weight vests to support my modest lifestyle. I did all kinds of marketing courses on how to sell myself and have people pay lots of money for workshops and sessions but I am totally uninterested in that right now. I see so many people working hard at trying to make money while doing what they love to do and it doesn’t look like fun. They always have to find the next new customer and there are so many voices out there.

My relationship with my son has become totally different since last year. We are back to seeing, hearing and valuing each other in new ways and that is a total joy to me.

I am spending lots of time in Nature, talking to the Earth, the elements and Spirit and I find that drawing me away from 3D reality. I wish I had a Waldon Pond to go to – but it would have to have Wifi 😉
So, just as I write this, I am aware that I am slipping into a new space of being more at home in the natural world while still valuing some of the gifts of the 3D world.

I am getting a great deal of joy from planning the Solstice Event. It will be beautiful and profound. I wish anyone who is reading this could be there.

I know this has been a tough year for many people and I am incredibly grateful that my changes have brought me to a place of peace that I have never had before. I wish that for everyone.

If you decide to do a life assessment yourself, make sure to do it on a day that the world looks good to you, and treat yourself with kindness, seeing all the growth you have accomplished.

I wrote another blog post a while ago and didn’t send it out so you can check that if you are interested. It is here.


Change, Change, and Faster Change

It’s a known fact, as my Dad used to say, that the world is changing faster and faster. Time is whipping by so fast I have to remind myself what day it is several times a day. But I am flowing with change in the most wonderful way.

I am relaxing into being instead of doing. I’ve tried that before and it never lasted long but, this time, it seems to be sticking. Some days I won’t even make a to-do list at all. I gave myself permission to be on extended vacation and I am not thinking about the future or the past.

In the last 6 months since I put my growth process into overdrive, I have been letting go of all of my old programming and forgiving everyone for everything, in fact, thanking them for participating in my drama with me. I feel light, as if I finally got it that life is a movie and we write our own script. I’m becoming more successful at changing my thoughts whenever I feel them slipping back into the same old ruts.

I think a lot of the reason for my peace of mind is Sound. Since I went to Tom Kenyon’s sound workshop in May, my mind has moved into a new soundscape. I am doing the sound meditations on Tom’s site and also the ones with binaural beats that allow you to leave your body and go on journeys. Hemisync pioneered those 35 years ago and I actually did some back then but I was busy being a workaholic at the time. Now I am free to just be.

We are all much more than our bodies and there is so much we can learn in the larger Universe. I leave my body peacefully resting, sometimes breaking into snores, and go out and play in the Universe. I exchange thoughts with SuperPam, my guide, FuturePam, the incredible woman I intend to be at some point before I leave this lifetime and Pamananda, my Higher Self. Sometimes we laugh and dance, sometimes I ask questions about things I don’t understand. But I’m noticing that my questions are changing as well. I am not trying to get reassurance about the future of the planet any more. The planet will continue, with or without humans, and we will continue in some form also. So no worries, as the Aussies say.

I am also letting go of the need to heal the world that I’ve had since I was a child. We will all heal in our own time and our own way and no-one else’s healing is my responsibility.

I still get a bit tweaked when it is 85 degrees for a week. We aren’t used to that here. I still have my preferences. But I’m recognizing the 3D world for what it is; drama, distraction and delusion. When my computer doesn’t give me what I want or the water line under the sink breaks and floods everywhere, I hear myself reacting and I think, “Oops, I’m back in 3D!”

It might sound as if I am kind of stoned or spaced out but that’s not it. I cleaned up the flood, repaired the plumbing and persuaded my computer to work for me. I’m functioning on a very high level but from a different emotional level than before.

I really don’t know if anyone is interested in what I am doing 😉 But I’m writing here now as a chronicle of my changes. The daily journal I’ve kept all my life has too much detail to see the big picture. When I started this blog I wanted it to be useful, to help women. Now that is not the focus. I’m just writing to pinpoint some turnings on my path.

I’m getting huge downloads about a ceremony I will do on Winter Solstice. My guides seem to be very interested in that. I’m bringing forward a new meditation and healing walk; much easier than a labyrinth, and more profound, integrating the right and left hemispheres of the brain. I’m excited about that.

So the comment section is open if you would like to tell me what is happening for you at this time of momentous change. Your comment doesn’t show up right away. I have to ok it to keep the spammers at bay.

I wish you many blessings,