100 Day Challenge

I am about one third of the way through the 100 day challenge to learn the trapeze and I have to be honest, it’s not going as well as I expected 😉

I had a lesson on the first day, April 1st, April Fools Day, and found that I could not actually get up on the trapeze from the floor. You have to bring your legs up and over your head while hanging from the trapeze. My legs were not going anywhere!! Just think about it for a minute. There aren’t many, or any, actions in daily life that bring your up legs over your head from standing.

So that was a disappointment. Once up on the trapeze – with the help of others, I was doing alright but I was a bit distracted by my granddaughter having her lesson on the silks at the same time. And I realized I just wanted some space to play about, not really learning anything, so I could get comfortable with the whole thing.

Anyway I will post a mercifully short video of it so you can see what the beginning stage is. The hope being, that the ending video on July 1st will just knock your socks off with my comfort on the trapeze. Not my huge talent or expertise, but my comfort and pleasure swinging like a child.

Since then I have been doing some practicing on the bar I have at the house so I can increase my upper body strength and comfort with the learning. But, to be honest, I have not done it every day. I had some emotional upsets going on for a while and my commitment wavered.

But I have been witnessing my process and going through huge transformation at the same time. We all have actually. There are many planetary changes going on that are affecting us all on a cellular level. And they will continue for quite a while. All conscious beings are on fast forward to transformation whether they remember signing up for it or not. For me, it was no less than finally deciding whether I wanted to commit to doing my work here on Earth or stick my head back into the sand.

A week ago, in an intense transformational process, I decided I would commit to it entirely and let nothing else in my life distract me from it. I am being asked very firmly by Spirit to stop piddling around and get on with it. Now is the Time! The trapeze is not a distraction. It is a step on the journey. I want to prove in my own life that old age is not a deterrent to anything you set your heart on doing. It’s a part of my message.

So I am now back on my life’s path with determination to see it through and give what I have to give, in case someone else will find it useful. It’s a blissful feeling. I feel totally at peace.

I am also revising my book, ‘Come Home to Your Body.’ which I wrote and got published 17 years ago, before I got sick. On rereading it, I am amazed at how together I was back then and how clear I was. I lost that total clarity when I got sick and now I am reclaiming it. In the intervening years since getting well I have been very busy creating things, like the weightvest, and many other inventions, but now I am ready to reclaim the space of teaching that I had then.

Getting truly well is a long journey. That’s why I empathize so strongly with women who are feeling healthy and then they get a stupid Dexa scan and are told to live in fear their bones will collapse. I address that on my other site but now I want to address all the fears of women as they get older and they hit the negative programming in this culture.

I think I can help with that because I can see through the illusions of the programming. And I can see who is drinking the Koolaid and going down the ugly road of aging as it is laid down here in the US. I’ll be there at the Koolaid stand to say, “Wait, don’t drink that, there is another way! Gaia needs you and all your special skills and talents RIGHT NOW! You can make a difference.”

Peace and blessings always,